Exceptional Consignments

Exceptional Consignments - Working Group

The right place for you to facilitate your transport services of heavy and oversized cargo.

Every rule has an exception, and we must deal with exceptions individually. Rail is the most resilient mode of transport, which can offer a variety of services, such as transport of exceptional consignments.

We research and retain the best practices from sector stakeholders to assist you with your needs regarding heavy and oversized cargo.

This groups deals with the exceptional issues and assists you with the following:

  • solving complicated and time-consuming practicalities, such as applying for permits in various countries
  • providing solutions for unusual transport demands
  • facilitating the regulations for exceptional transport in general, since it has been increasing, and posing a challenge for the railway sector

UIC Contact
For any further information please contact: Paulo De Freitas

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Wednesday 11 May 2022