European Railway Research Advisory Council (ERRAC)

The European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC) is a European Technology Platform (ETP) established in 2001. It promotes innovation and research in the EU rail sector, uniting stakeholders and enhancing competitiveness. It advises the European Commission on prioritising R&D projects and a favourable funding environment through joint undertakings such as Europe's Rail. While developing, implementing, and evaluating the next EU financial framework, it advises EU stakeholders on funding research and innovation opportunities for sustainable development. The International Union of Railways (UIC), representing the Railway Operating Community (ROC), plays a key role in the ERRAC Steering Committee. Alternating with the manufacturers' representative (UNIFE), it nominates the ERRAC Chair or Vice Chair and Secretary and also has the right to nominate 3 ROC representatives from among its members active in the UIC RICG.

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Wednesday 10 April 2024
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9 July 2024
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4 July 2024
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