IRaTCA Training sessions for UIC AP members

Project information

  • IRaTCA Training sessions for UIC AP members
  • Project director: Philippe Lorand
  • Project manager: Philippe Lorand
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: 3RASITRAIN

Project description

Demands on railway service are changing to securing competitiveness, cutting in Green-House Gas emission, reducing oil dependency, mitigating congestion, underpinning economic growth, reinforcing safety/security and achieving sustainable development. In order to meet the recent requirements on railway, training, education and workforce development are essential. Since 2008, KORAIL(IRraTCA) has provided training program for UIC AP members and many countries to meet the current trends with experience and know-how, which Korean railway has through the service of more than 100 year. And programs of IRaTCA, 77 courses for 1,212 participants from 50 countries as of 2018, have been evaluated very highly beneficial for the common interest of Asia-Pacific members.

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Wednesday 1 January 2020