Thursday 11 February 2021

Xborder workshop to be held on 23 February

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The current 75% market share for road transport is no longer sustainable due to its significant environmental impact. Projected transport growth of 30% by 2030 – equal to one million additional trucks on our roads – will make this situation even worse.

The European Green Deal recognises rail as the future backbone of the European transport system. Fluid transport throughout Europe will be essential. For rail, however, this is still an issue. Crossing borders is still hindered by numerous legal and operational problems. Load regulations are not aligned across different countries. On the legal side, train drivers require a B1 language proficiency level. A train driver requires a multitude of licences to cross Europe. A DB Cargo study estimated that an astonishing 15,000 documents are required for a train, versus 1,600 for a truck.

RailFreightForward has applied its ambition to increase the share of rail in freight to 30% by 2030 in priority areas such as the cross-border project, which focuses on language issues on the one hand and cross-border operations on the other.

A project team of experts has developed a handbook for ideal cross-border operations from the railway undertaking’s perspective. A webinar to present these findings will be held on 23 February.

Following presentations from the project sponsor and a testimonial from the European Union Agency for Railways, further details of commercial, legal and technical issues at cross-borders sections will be explored.

More details on the program and registration are available on the dedicated page.


For further information, please contact Philip Van Den Bosch:

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