Monday 17 January 2022

Slovenian officially becomes the 24th language published in RailLexic online

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Slovenian has become the 24th language available in UIC’s rail term bank. Slovenian terms can now be searched in RailLexic online by any railway aficionado looking for an equivalent term in English, German, French, and so on. This additional content has been built into all online licences free of charge as part of a global annual update, which also includes new features in a variety of languages.

The UIC Terminology Group is pleased to announce the publication of RailLexic online (RLO) in Slovenian as of 17 January 2022. The full collection of Slovenian terms was gathered many years ago and was thoroughly proofread last year by the Slovenian railways (SŽ). They have been an active member of UIC since 1992 and have been working once again with the Terminology Group since 2017. In particular, UIC would like to thank the International Relations Department at SŽ for steering the project and examining over 19,000 term entries in an attempt to save precious translations from oblivion. The revision focused on language quality to meet publishing requirements, but SŽ intends to go even further. As part of the UIC Terminology Group, SŽ not only participates in ongoing projects to enrich the term bank, but is also encouraging experts to review terms in their fields of expertise.

Ana Ožura of the International Relations Department at SŽ said, “This great achievement was inspired by the European Year of Rail, which happened to coincide with the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2021. Our hope is that it will help further standardise the Slovenian railway terms used by SŽ’s in-house experts and translators.” We extend our congratulations to SŽ and to all those involved in achieving this important milestone for European terminology.

The RailLexic online update didn’t stop at adding a full language. Publishing Slovenian was the perfect opportunity to include the latest contents validated by the editors in their respective languages, such as a revised IRS glossary on earth structures (English, German, French, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish), hundreds of ERTMS definitions in Finnish, and countless corrections.

The term bank, which migrated to a new platform called TermWeb in July 2020, offers easier access for both users and editors. In another step forward, it will soon be possible to provide updates several times a year. The UIC Terminology Group is constantly examining and adding glossaries as part of a new working process to stay on top of railway terminology worldwide. Many thanks and best wishes for 2022 to all the UIC members and their experts who contribute to this fantastic project.

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