Sunday 28 May 2023

Register now: UIC Asia-Pacific Conference on interoperability & rail harmonisation

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UIC and its Australian members are pleased to invite you to the UIC Asia-Pacific Conference on Interoperability and Rail Harmonisation, which will take place in Melbourne, Australia, on 22-23 June 2023.

Railways have the potential to be the most efficient method of moving goods and people around the globe, provided that the railway in each country has cross-border capabilities through compatible systems, regulation, and technology. More often than not, railways in different countries, and even sometimes within a country itself, have been developed with different technology, systems, operating rules, and procedures, which has created a barrier to the seamless connection and efficiency that rail transport can offer. Parts of the world have already faced this difficulty, and have overcome challenges relating to system interoperability and the harmonisation of standards.

This is why UIC is holding a conference in Melbourne, Australia, in conjunction with the UIC Asia Pacific Regional Assembly, where speakers from Australia and around the world will share their experiences in tackling interoperability challenges. Attendees will learn which strategies have and have not worked and what the best strategy for the future may be.

In addition to this event being held in Melbourne, the RTSA (Railway Technical Society of Australasia) is holding its Conference on Railway Excellence (CORE 2023) in the same city on 19-21 June 2023, and you are encouraged to maximise your time in Australia by attending (more information at

All of the information, the provisional programme and online registration are available at UIC Asia-Pacific Conference on Interoperability and Rail Harmonisation

We are looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne.

For further information, please contact Ms. Béatrice Ségéral, UIC Senior Advisor, Institutional Relations and Asia-Pacific,

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