Wednesday 18 October 2023

Philippe Lorand named as UIC Director of Institutional Relations and Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Region

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As of 9 October 2023, Philippe Lorand has taken up a new position within UIC as Director of Institutional Relations and will therefore be part of the Board of Directors.

Lorand has been working for more than 30 years in infrastructure projects, first in the USA, as a Division Manager for ALSTOM, and then in Europe for the VINCI group, before serving as Senior Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee at RATP Dev, a subsidiary of the metro of Paris.

Lorand then moved to SNCF in 2011, and became Project Director for India, and subsequently Director of Asia. He joined the UIC Passenger Department in 2020, where he oversaw high-speed rail activities, including the UIC World Congress on HSR.

As part of this new role, he will be responsible for coordinating the Asia Pacific Region, which has 54 members and has seen unprecedented growth and therefore a surge in transport demand in recent years. The region therefore has incredible potential to develop its railways, share UIC’s values, and benefit from its expertise.

He will also be in charge of Institutional Relations at UIC, working closely with the Sustainability Unit and Communications Department, as well as all other UIC departments, to develop and enhance UIC’s relationships with other international organisations and bodies, across all domains of the transport sector. Additionally, within this department, he will manage the UIC Language Service, a key team supporting the UIC’s aim to produce high-quality output for its members through its interpreting, translation and proofreading.

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