Monday 15 February 2021

Delft University of Technology

Online programme for rail professionals starting in March 2021

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We may not be using metro or train services as much as we used to at the moment, but considering the challenges ahead, why not take this opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge needed to deal with the multifaceted aspects of railway systems?

To keep trains running, improve services over time and offer faster and more comfortable travel, the rail industry is in need of professionals with the knowledge and skills to support innovation and provide sustainable and low-cost solutions.

As a follow-up to its popular introductory course in railway engineering, with over 17,000 participants in more than 130 countries, this programme from Delft University of Technology covers various specialist areas in greater detail. The programme consists of four career-oriented courses especially designed for professionals working in the sector, and has been endorsed by industry leaders and railway professionals worldwide.

Join the programme on 3 March to improve your strategies and decision-making in the design, operation and performance of both infrastructure and rolling stock.

10 reasons to take part in the programme:

  1. Focus on tackling the challenges of worldwide mobility networks in a sustainable way
  2. Tools and insights to optimise infra capacity, deal with disturbances and improve train services
  3. Gain awareness of other specialisations to improve your own projects and decision-making
  4. Strong link to practice with real-life cases
  5. Accessible content supported by visuals, knowledge clips and expert interviews
  6. Personal guidance from world-class instructors and industry experts
  7. Interaction with peers from all over the world
  8. Opportunity to work and study from home in your own time and at your own pace
  9. International credits for continuous education or professional development
  10. Access to relevant journal papers

4 career-oriented courses:

  • Track and train interaction – download syllabus
  • Real-time operations – download syllabus
  • Performance over time – download syllabus
  • Capstone project – individually guided project that integrates the knowledge and skills gained from the first three courses

Duration: 6 weeks per course
Effort: 4-5 hours per week
Language: English

For group registrations and discounts, please contact Delft University of Technology at

For more information or to enrol, please visit

“With this unique programme, rail professionals learn to apply an integrated railway systems approach to help them implement appropriate innovations needed to optimise maintenance time, costs and safety.” Taco Sysling, Department of Asset Management at ProRail, Netherlands

If you need more information please contact Eduardo Landin

from TU Delft Online Learning.

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