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Together with its members - railway companies - and by establishing ties with digital stakeholders, UIC is giving you the opportunity to shape the future of mobility.

The UIC Digital Awards seek to recognise sharing of knowledge between railway companies and startups.

The aim of the Digital Awards is to create new opportunities for the railway sector and for future mobility due to the innovative and creative nature of startup companies.

Call for candidates 2021

About the UIC Digital Platform


This is the motto for digital initiatives led by the International union of railways on behalf of its members. The interconnection of people and objects through the Internet weaves a close connection between the real world and the digital world, bringing about structural changes to our relationship with our environment. The digital world brings with it new challenges in terms of companies’ relationships with its customers, staff and ecosystem.

Digital technology is a strategic issue. UIC’s objectives in this area are to help share best practices amongst members and help connect them with innovative startups in a spirit of openness.

In 2015, UIC created a worldwide Digital Platform to support the organisation and its members in the digital revolution by providing relevant tools and resources. The Platform aims to provide courses of action and benchmarks, which are then implemented in the form of projects for the benefit of UIC members.

The UIC Digital Platform is currently involved in the following initiatives:

  • Creating a community platform that is simple and efficient, leveraging existing tools so that stakeholders can share their concerns, progress and ideas
  • Building a “marketplace” to connect with state-of-the-art startups in order to help the Platform to drive its agenda and priorities
  • Launching a “startup challenge” initiative

The Platform aims to foster innovation and help members to initiate projects and develop contacts with the digital community. It works on six priority topics, defined on the basis of members’ feedback:

  • Passenger experience
  • Data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Freight 4.0
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Maintenance 4.0
  • Connectivity along the travel path

Proofs of concept

UIC’s role is to predict the organisational impacts, business models and safety and security aspects and to propose methods and approaches to managing this revolution, such as the cybersecurity guidelines for railway undertakings.

A number of proofs of concept (POC) have already been developed within UIC with a view to adapting digital technology to the needs of the railways:

  • Track circuit performance booster to safeguard the performance of existing track circuits, even in very difficult conditions
  • Broken rail detection and localisation, incorporating machine learning techniques
  • Use of artificial intelligence for preventive maintenance of track equipment (switches, level crossings, insulated joints, etc.)
  • Formal language specifying functional requirements for signalling systems and formal approval of safety features
  • Optimised management of track for two-way working and/or forks, with a targeted capacity gain of 50%

UIC’s POCs will result in:

  • definition of novel concepts to meet the rail sector’s current and future needs (International Railway Solutions)
  • access by the railway community to open hardware and software, solutions that have already been developed, and follow-up on their development over time

DIGIM Programme

The DIGIM (DIgital IMpacts on business processes) programme is a global, cross-functional programme aimed at leveraging new digital technologies to support business process development, improve railway safety and security, optimise operations and make better use of existing data.

Digital Impacts on Business Processes
2020-12-15 10:22:36
DIgital IMpacts on business processes II
2021-04-15 15:29:51


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