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7 December 2023
The 10th edition of the Distance Learning Course on Track Maintenance takes place
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14 June 2023
6th UIC Harmotrack Project Plenary Meeting held at Roma Termini
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2 March 2023
Registration open for the 6th Harmotrack Plenary Meeting
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22 February 2023
Reminder - Taking Action on Sustainability
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14 February 2023
UIC launches a taskforce on high temperatures and desertic conditions
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11 January 2023
Taking Action on Sustainability
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9 January 2023
UIC Harmotrack global leaders meet at UIC Headquarters in Paris
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5 September 2022
UIC publishes IRS 70719-1: Track and Structure – Recommendations for the use of Under Ballast Mats (UBM)
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17 May 2022
Automatic Digital Coupling Conference
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25 April 2022
ReRa-Rain kick-off meeting held on 5 April
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22 March 2022
Infrastructure Subsystem Sector Plenary meetings: 28 February and 1 & 2 March 2022
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17 March 2022
UIC Management Board visits the EOLE construction site
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11 February 2022
Drone4Rail for Plain Track kick-off meeting held on 3 February
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12 January 2022
Presentation of third UIC SAFIRST project technical report
Report on the application of reference characteristic wind curves
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10 December 2021
UIC publishes appendices to IRS 70727
‘Railway Application - Track superstructure decision-making’
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24 November 2021
UIC and the Harmotrack management team are pleased to invite you to the fourth Harmotrack project plenary meeting
Join us on 2 December 2021 at UIC headquarters or online and on 3 December for technical visits with SNCF Réseau in the Paris region
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29 October 2021
UIC Panel of Structural Experts (PoSE) plenary meeting held on 12-14 October as a hybrid event
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18 October 2021
Track Expert Group (TEG) meeting held on 4 and 5 October
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23 September 2021
UIC publishes first edition of IRS 70727, “Railway Application – Track superstructure decision-making”
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28 July 2021
UIC SAFIRST project presents its second technical report
Report on the assessment of crosswind risk on locomotives and passenger rolling stock