Tuesday 7 July 2020

Lithuania: LTG has new brands of passenger, freight transportation and infrastructure management companies

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In the last few years Lithuanian Railways has undergone the biggest changes since the country’s independence was restored. We have become an open, transparent and efficient group of companies that creates benefits for Lithuania. The structure of our group has also changed recently. Passenger, freight and infrastructure companies have been established, united by efficiency, responsibility, foresight and leadership.

Inside, we are already completely different from what we were five years ago. However, to this day, we still wore old clothes outside. Our old look no longer matches who we really are.

We understood that further ambitious steps also required a name that symbolized progress, sustainability and Lithuanian-ness. Therefore, on the 101st birthday we welcome the renewed brand of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai and introduce new brands of passenger, freight transportation and infrastructure management companies. Today we want to introduce ourselves with new names.

We do not forget over 100 years of history and Lithuanian Railways keeps its name. Now, however, its abbreviation is three letters LTG. LT stands for Lithuania. G stands for the railways. These three letters are a confirmation that we stand out from many others in the pursuit of benefits for Lithuania and patriotism. I believe that the name LTG will be easier to understand in foreign markets as well.

Also, as of 3rd of July, our subsidiaries introduce themselves to the world with their new brands. These are chosen to be simple, practical, taking into account the specifics of each company’s activities, present and future needs.

LTG Link is the new name of the passenger transportation company. It is louder, more playful, has both an English meaning to connect people and a Lithuanian meaning of ‘we are heading towards the seaside’.

Our cargo transportation team has been generally called ‘cargo’ until now. So, this name was the best choice. All we had to do was add LTG, a sign that the company belongs to the group of Lithuanian Railways.

The infrastructure company’s brand and later its name, becomes ‘lighter’. LTG Infra has an innovative, contemporary approach to its field, i.e. more efficiency, reliability, more of commercially attractive services. Therefore, the green colour of LTG Infra is suitable as a symbol of maturity, stability and nature.

The colours of our group’s brands correspond to the colours of the Lithuanian flag and this is another way to express our commitment to work for Lithuania. I believe our new brands will inspire you. They capture the result of joint efforts and inspire us to keep pursuing ambitious goals.

(Source: LTG)

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