Thursday 20 June 2024

ZSSK enhances travel experience with new bicycle carriage and specialty compartments

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ZSSK has introduced a bicycle carriage on some of its regional trains operating on the 56-km Kraľovany – Trstená route, effective from Sunday, 9 June 2024. This service will be available on weekends and bank holidays until 27 October 2024, accommodating up to 12 additional bicycles on each trip. This initiative is part of ZSSK’s efforts to support tourism in the scenic Orava region of northern Slovakia on these trains:

  • Os 7909 (Kraľovany 08:27 – Trstená 10:18)
  • Os 7916 (Trstená 11:42 – Kraľovany 13:32)
  • Os 7921 (Kraľovany 14:27 – Trstená 16:18)
  • Os 7928 (Trstená 17:42 – Kraľovany 19:32)

Additionally, ZSSK has launched new services on selected Express trains as part of the second timetable change, valid from 10 December 2023 until 14 December 2024. These services include Quiet Zones and Ladies Compartments, both aimed at enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

Quiet Zone compartments allow passengers to travel in a noise-free environment, by enforcing restrictions on disruptive activities and electronic device usage. These compartments are available on 1st class carriages on the following routes:

  • Ex 600 - 613: Košice – Žilina – Bratislava (daily)
  • Ex 622: Martin – Žilina – Bratislava (daily)
  • Ex 624: Martin – Žilina – Bratislava (weekends and bank holidays)
  • Ex 627: Bratislava – Žilina – Vrútky (daily, except Sundays and 29 August 2024)

Quiet Zone compartments are easily identifiable by a special pictogram.
Moreover, certain Express trains now offer Ladies Compartments, exclusively for the use of female passengers and boys up to 10 years old. These are available in one of the 2nd class carriages on the following routes:

  • Ex 600 - Ex 613: Košice – Žilina – Bratislava and back
  • Ex 621: Bratislava – Žilina – Poprad-Tatry
  • Ex 622 and Ex 624: Martin – Žilina – Bratislava
  • Ex 623 and Ex 627: Bratislava – Žilina – Vrútky
  • Ex 626: Poprad-Tatry – Žilina – Bratislava

Ladies Compartments are also marked with a distinctive pictogram, ensuring easy identification and convenience for female passengers seeking a female-only travel environment.

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