Tuesday 15 November 2022

70th General Assembly of FISAIC was held in Strasbourg and Bischheim

Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Artistiques et Intellectuelles de Cheminots

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The 70th General Assembly of the International Federation for Art and Culture (FISAIC) was held (after a 70-year hiatus) in Strasbourg and Bischheim from 3 to 6 November 2022. The meeting was opened by Deputy President General, Mr Kurt Neuwirth.

The welcome speech was given by the chairs of the UNION ARTISTIQUE ET INTELLECTUELLE DES CHEMINOTS FRANÇAIS (UAICF), Mr Ghislain Heinen, President General, assisted by Mr Philippe Rouche, Secretary General.

The General Assembly approved the new President General, Mr Kurt Neuwirth (AT). The following board members were then approved: Mr Guy Greivelding (LU) as Deputy President General; Ms Evangelia Analyti (GR) as Secretary General; and Pedro Neuenschwander (CH) as Treasurer. Mr Roman Štěrba (CZ) was approved as Co-ordinator of International Technical Committees.

Mr Roman Štěrba addressed current developments within the individual technical categories: Music, Photo, Film & Video, Bridge, Choir, Art, Folklore, Railway Heritage & Railway Model, Esperanto (IFEF), Philately (CIP), and Radio Amateurs (FIRAC).

The General Assembly approved the 2021 Accounts, the 2021 Annual Report and the Auditor’s Report. The proposed budget for 2023 was also approved.

Reports from individual national associations brought many innovative and inspiring activities for the community.

At the suggestion of the Board, the German national association Stiftungsfamilie BSW & EWH was awarded the “Venus of Arles”.

Former presidents of the technical committees: Choir – Mr Dieter Jahnke (DE), Art – Mr Charles Chiers (BE), and Philately – Mr Marcel Jaques (CH) were awarded the status of honorary members.

Medals of honour were awarded to Ms Tanja Horvath (HR), Ms Lene Niemann (DK), Mr Wiesław Libner (PL) and Mr Dietmar Kolligs (DE).

On behalf of the new board, President General, Mr Kurt Neuwirth addressed this statement: “We will try to overcome the problems caused by the Covid crisis and the current economic situation and we will try to encourage our colleagues to return to their cultural and leisure activities. We are the ones who – despite all adversity – have to bring the positive spirit back to them. It is all of us who have to offer our railway family the opportunity to engage in cultural activities again. So we must not give up and we must try to keep the work alive – for our members. To do this, we need all of our members; each and every one of you is important as we work on this common future. The more we create ideas and proposals, the more opportunities we and our members will have. Be open-minded and interested – only together we can make it. One for all, all for one.”

FISAIC is the Federation of Railway Personal for Art and Culture. FISAIC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UIC on 1 December 2016. FISAIC aims to promote and support the cultural activities of railway personnel of all nations in their leisure time, to establish relations among the creative railway personnel of national associations and unions in order to organise cultural events and contribute to the development of cultural motivation and activities. The international FISAIC cultural organisation was founded in Strasbourg in 1952 under the motto “one for each other and not against each other”.




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